Nanofaentech Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company

of Ajou University Holding Company founded on the basis of Ajou University Hospital.

Nanofaentech Co., Ltd. was incorporated in 2018 with the goal

of “supply of 3-dimensional cell culture nano-fiber" and manufacturing of nano-fibers,

which is a highly value added item.

Accordingly, we are concentrating our capabilities and putting

in the utmost efforts in the development

of outstanding quality products with the purpose of the

"development of customer-oriented products"
"continuous innovation and changes"

and "optimization of cell culture environment."


Nanofaentech Co., Ltd. shall continue to strive to make advances

by becoming a leader in the cell culture industry in the future.

As such, we pledge to provide outstanding quality products

in diversified areas including biomedical research area

by growing with our customers.