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Ease of cell observation

Although majority of nanofibers currently sold commercially are opaque,

the fiber we have developed is transparent to allow observation of cells visually or under fluorescent microscope.

Outstanding cell adhesion

· Provide 3-dimensional adhesiveness similar to that of human body without affecting

  the characteristic activation and differentiation of the cell

· Can be applied to epithelial cells, endothelial cells of blood vessel, fibroblast, cancer cell

  and immune cell, etc.

Culturing of more than 2 types of cells

There are diversified types of cells in human body. This technology offers a system capable of culturing more than 2 different types of cells together for growth and differentiation of cells.


From the perspective of products sold

Although majority of nanofibers currently sold commercially are opaque, Can be developed into products for each of diversified culture plate sizes
(currently, 8-well product is available with schedule to launch Transwell prototype)

From the perspective of product specifications

Maintain uniform PVA nanofiber diameter and aperture (300±50nm)

(PCL nanofiber currently being sold in overseas sigma has irregular diameter)

Product diversity

PVA nanofiber containing laminin peptide customized for diversified cells can be manufactured, and 3-dimensional culturing is possible



PVA nanofiber

PCL nanofiber

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